Buying credits for all Betamax voip labels

Algemene informatie en vragen over BoGyTeL voip telefoniediensten. Tevens kan je in dit forum informatie terugvinden over het aankopen van belkredieten. BoGyTeL is een official Betamax credit reseller.

Buying credits for all Betamax voip labels

Berichtdoor bogy op 29 Nov 2008 17:51

UPDATE: BoGyTeL stops selling credits (click)

You can buy credits for voipbuster, lowratevoip, nonoh, internetcalls and any other BETAMAX label at BoGyTeL by the following procedure:

* Create a bank transfer to our Dexia account 063-4051313-46.
* Transfer the amount of credits you need + 25% VAT incl. (eg. for 10EUR credits you'll have to transfer 12.50 EUR, for 20 EUR -> 25 EUR)
* To identify yourself you have to use a personal reference which is build out of your voip credentials; 'voipprogram + Login'. (eg. if you are using voipbuster and your login ID is jacky 1975 you use the next reference: "voipbuster jacky1975")

Do not forget to add the correct reference because otherwise we cannot send you the credits

* Our bank account is located at Dexia. If you also have a Dexia account, you receive your credits the same day.

* The added 25% is the sum of 3.3% costs and 21% VAT.

* Only for the BUDGETSIP label there is a lower rate. Since we get a commission for the Budgetsip accounts we don't have to ask 3.3% costrate. With Budgetsip you only pay the credits + 21% VAT. To get a Budgetsip account you have to contact us (, so we can create this account for you without any costs.

* We accept payments for the following VOIP labels:, (demandez-nous une comte/login),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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