Why is there a 25% charge for credits?

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Why is there a 25% charge for credits?

Berichtdoor bogy op 29 Dec 2008 04:09

For all betamax credits (voipbuster, nonoh, lowratevoip, 12voip, voipcheap, ...) except budgetsip you will notice that we charge 25% extra on the credits.

This 25% is not profit, it is actually a small charge of 3.3% and 21% VAT (Value Added Tax, we have to pay those to back to the government).
So only this 3.3% is our profit, and even on that amount we have to pay extra taxes.

In the past we (the betamax credit resellers) were paid a 10% commission fee, but a few months ago the voip-company decided to stop giving commission to it's resellers.
Since then a lot of resellers stopped selling the betamax voip credits, because we cannot make any profit, unless we charge extra to the customers.

That is why BoGyTeL (my voip reseller company) now has to charge 25% instead of the usual 21%.

I sincerely hope that the Betamax-customers understand this unpleasant situation for us. In the past it was possible to give good customers a small 'deduction', because we earned 10% on everything we were selling. Today it's impossible to give any sales deduction because there just is no margin for it anymore.

Hopefully betamax will one day understand that they are losing a lot of customers and resellers because of this new situation, and take action to make us, the resellers, and you, the customers, happy again!

BoGyTeL Reseller (voip user id: bogytel_private)
bank account: Dexia 063-4051313-46
e-mail: info@bogytel.be

So, for buying credits you have to use the following formula: (Credits * 1.25). (eg: for 10 EUR credits you pay 12.50 EUR )
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