Example of FAKE resellers... Discounts don't exist!

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Example of FAKE resellers... Discounts don't exist!

Berichtdoor bogy op 28 Feb 2009 19:32

A lot of people always ask me for special prices or discounts, but they don't exist!!!
Fraudulent voip credit resellers try to trick you with these fake discounts or actions like "pay 12 EUR, get 12 EUR credits!", and the first payments go just fine, when you finally believe there is nothing wrong with these guys, the troubles start. All of a sudden you make payments but no credits arrive. When you try to contact these resellers you'll soon find out that you cannot reach them.
Most people then think it's their fault, and they just make another payment, maybe even two payments. And all that money is lost, you'll never see it back again.

Not much can be done about these frauds, but if you made your payments with a bank account, you NEED to go to the police and file an official complaint. This is the ONLY way how those frauds can be stopped... If only a few people would file an official complaint, then they have enough evidence to get that guy arrested.
Though, if you only go to other resellers to complain, then nothing can be done. We have NO FORCE at all to take action against those frauds. The mother company, Voicetrading, really does nothing abouth the frauds when we ask them to. So going to the police is the only option left.

People who got ripped off by someone also try to recover their credits through another reseller; but that won't work. It would be crazy that I would have to give someone credits for which I never received any money. I guess if I did that, soon a lot of people would come to me and tell they got ripped :roll: .

If you still wonder why there is a 25% charge on the credits? It's only because there is 21% vat, and i need to earn SOMETHING with the credits, in my case i only ask 3.3%, not very much is it? Since we don't get commision for what we sell, that 3.3% is the ONLY thing i earn, and then people still want to ask for reductions and so... I have been thinking to quit selling the credits too, because it costs so much time to earn so little and people always complain that i'm expensive, and afterwards they come to complain even more, costing me a lot of time to earn nothing...
Would you work for free?

Now, i don't want to hold you any longer; go on and read one of my conversations with someone who got ripped off! (it's uncensored!)

BoGyTeL hallo
Ammar hello
BoGyTeL are you still looking for credits?
Ammar yes
BoGyTeL You can find information on how to buy credits from me at this link: (just click it) viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1387
Ammar ok
Ammar thanx
Ammar but
Ammar may I ask you quastion plz
BoGyTeL yes
BoGyTeL ask me
Ammar before time I have bought credit from this account number but he doesnt turne the money for my voip account
Ammar and also he doest give me my money back
BoGyTeL He gives you a 'very good rate' i guess?
Ammar this is his account number 063475072992 dexia
BoGyTeL ok, but i cannot help you with those kind of problems..
Ammar ok
Ammar thax
BoGyTeL I always tell people that 'special prices' and discount don't exist..
Ammar so .. u think I can do nothing to get my money back ?
BoGyTeL i guess not... You could try contacting Voicetrading.com
BoGyTeL they are responsible for the resellers
BoGyTeL but i think you won't get your money back..
Ammar why?
BoGyTeL because it's for a low amount, you could also go to the police
BoGyTeL and make an official complaint
BoGyTeL take the proof of payment with you
BoGyTeL if more people file a complaint he will probably get caught
Ammar yes ,, I have proof
BoGyTeL and then you could apply for a refund
Ammar ok .. thank u .. I will try u in my next credit
Ammar Im greatful
BoGyTeL no problem, I hope you really go to the police actually ... because those frauds make it hard for the people who are selling honest... because at first they give discounts that don't exist, so everyone ask us for discounts ... and afterwards they rip off customers and they don't believe the honest resellers anymore ..
BoGyTeL no problem
Ammar and I gonna complain
Ammar with other friends
BoGyTeL if you check the site i gave you, there are multiple pages ... also about why i ask 25%
Ammar thanx
Ammar and byeeee
BoGyTeL ok; good luck... you're helping me if you go to the police. thank you!

So think again when you are buying credits for voipbuster, nonoh, lowratevoip, Internetcalls, voipdiscount or any other betamax label. If you see that people are advertising with 'special prices', discounts, 12 credits for 12 euro, or anything else that looks too good to be true, then don't hesitate and leave those guys alone.. Everything goes allright until they are receiving more money from you, and in the end you have bought VERY EXPENSIVE credits if you make the totals for 'received credits' VS 'what you payed'.

If you really want to be sure about receiving your credits, you could always try me as reseller off course (a little advertisement héhé)... You can find me in the official reseller overview, just click the 'bogy19801' reseller details like you can see in the example below.
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