EINDE VOIPCREDITS / Bogytel Stops selling VOIPcredits

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EINDE VOIPCREDITS / Bogytel Stops selling VOIPcredits

Berichtdoor bogy op 31 Aug 2009 15:31


Vanaf september 2009 zal ik géén credits meer verkopen voor het betamax netwerk... (de engelse versie van m'n verhaal is veel uitgebreider, misschien interessant om die eerst te lezen, moet je wel even verder scrollen)

Er zijn verschillende redenen, maar laat de belangrijkste reden zijn dat beloofde commissies plots worden ingetrokken, dat contracten éénzijdig worden aangepast en dat ik om winst te maken niet meer kan rekenen op commissies maar dat we letterlijk alles zelf aan de klant moeten aanrekenen..

het is ongepast dat resellers niets meer verdienen terwijl ze al het werk van betamax overnemen...
mij niet gelaten; het is genoeg geweest... het kost me meer moeite en tijd dan dat ik er nog geld aan overhoud...


BoGyTeL STOPS with selling credits.

The situation for resellers is a disaster!! If we want to make money with these credits we have to charge you extra for every cent we want to make.

Credit-Resellers don't get any commissions anymore, if you buy 10€, we have to pay the same full 10€ to betamax.

Resellers need to buy credits in bulk (500€ at a time) and then we need to distribute these credits; we have to check for the payments and actually we do all the work like a regular shop would do... We do all the work that othwerise betamax should do for itself....

So you'd expect we would get a commision, something like 10% or 20%... But we just DON'T get NOTHING... Zit, NADA, Niks, Noegabolle, RIEN, absolutely nothing....for all the work we do! In the past we used to get commissions.. only for voipbuster, budgetsip and lowratevoip... but one after the other they stopped with granting us commision, and since more than half a year we're selling without getting anything for it...

This creates a situation where we have to charge our customers if we want to earn ANYTHING. I picked a 3.3% margin; together with vat it creates a rate of 25%. So people who buy 10€ credits had to pay 12.50€. Believe me when I say that I chose 3.3% because I didn't want to give YOU, my customers, the feeling that I'm ripping you off. You don't go to work without getting paid, i really cannot sell credits without making anything, it's even illegal to sell with loss or without profit. I did pick a low margin for you... but i can't keep up with it, check yourself what i make when you buy 10€ credits

Here is the calculation:10€ (credits) + 0.33€ (3.3% margin)= 10.33 + 21% VAT = Total 12.50 EUR.
The short version is: 10€ (credits) + 25% (rate) = 12.50 EUR (total)
so i'm making 33 cents? Almost right; you forget i have to pay 40% taxes on everything, so in the end i only have 20 cents profit ... and i need about 3-4 minutes to go over the complete procedure from checking my bank account to actually transfering the money to your voip account. So now you see that on average I would make 3-4 euro's per hour... would you work for that money?

And if that's not enough; you should know that almost every day I get people who ask me to sell them credits for even lower rates. They tell me (and i know they're not lying!) that other resellers have cheaper rates; they only ask 12% or 15% rate. And I'm sure they don't get commission either; they just sell stuff without making official papers for it.. they're selling 'under the counter' as we would say...
These people obviously are not working legal with VAT, but that's their case, i won't do it! I have a legit business and i don't want to get myself in trouble because of these credits. My main job is repairing PC's at peoples' home... the credits is something I started as a sidejob because some of my customers were asking me for it... So now i'm going back 100% to what is my core business... repairing and installing PC's, networks and multimedia at people's homes...

That being said i hope you people understand why i don't want to continue selling these credits ..

Anyone who has questions or just wants to give his opinion on this case; you can still mail me on "bogy (@) bogytel (.) be" or post a reply to this topic!
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